My Philosophy

I aim to assist my clients in creating the aspirations they have for their properties. I hope to guide you through the different stages of a project, to educate on current regulations and construction methods and to inspire with creative designs

Project Types


Do you have a property that you would like to convert ?

There are two Planning Applications that can be used to convert a barn:

Permitted development

Permitted development or a Class Q change of use  can only be used on certain barns, as of April 2018 you are allowed to convert up to 3 barns or 5 smaller dwellings and you may convert up to 465 sqm. The barn must not be located within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and must not be listed. The barn must have been used for agricultural purposes and must have a structure that can be used (this must be more that just a steel frame). This planning application does limit the amount of windows and curtilage space to the exterior of the barn. The barn must also be located by an adopted highway (so not in the middle of a field).

This application is often used on non traditional structures like a portal frame, as this application is restrictive many people choose the alternative application, which is a full planning application.

Full Planning Application

A full planning application is often the favoured option for a barn conversion.

Any conversion will need to be assessed by a Structural Engineer to confirm that the structure is capable of conversion.

Conversion applications also require an ecology statement to confirm if there are any bats or birds roosting in the building.

New Build House

Would you like to build your own house? or obtain Outline Planning for new build housing on a plot?


Do you require more space in your existing house?


Does your house need a new colour pallette?


Would you like to bring a beautiful old house back into to use or reconfigure the existing layout?

Historic & Listed Buildings

Is your house or property listed and requires a sympathetic design?